Photo by Dave Hodgkinson

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mastering the Triplet (part 1) - with video

Here's an exercise that'll help you expand your triplet vocabulary using single stroke rolls. To execute this properly you'll first need to spend some time developing your singles technique, aiming for a smooth, fluid sound. Try this exercise as a warm up.

Here's the video lesson we'll be working from:

  • Start by singing this 4 bar phrase (swung):

  • Now fill in the gaps with rolling hand-to-hand triplets:

  • Next, we want to get creative and orchestrate the phrase. Firstly, we can move the right hand accents to the ride cymbal and add kick drums underneath. Keep the left hand accents on the snare:

  • Now experiment with different orchestrations and see what sounds good to your ear. I like the sound of the right hand accents moving around the toms.

  • Finally, write down your own phrases and apply the same method. 

Next time we'll use Ted Reed's 'Syncopation' to further develop our triplet phrasing.