Photo by Dave Hodgkinson

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Stanton Moore Solo Study #2

Artist: Stanton Moore
Track: Maple Plank 
Live performance with the Stanton Moore Trio

Here's another transcription of the great Stanton Moore, this time from a live performance of Maple Plank with his trio. He's using the melody from the 32 bar AABA structure as a reference point for his phrasing so memorise the melody and structure first, then sing along to the solo. Stanton pulls out a lot of 'tricks' here including a very tricky one-handed-roll, a finger slide pitch bend and a drum head elbow press. Also, be aware of the stab on beat 4 of the 8th bar of the B section. 
Check out the video and transcription below:

The transcription starts from 0:08


  1. Great blog, thanks! How do you go about memorizing these solos or any song for that matter? Do you just go bar by bar? How long does it take you to memorize? I find it very difficult to memorize drum parts especially intricate drum solos!

  2. Hi and thanks for the comment. When memorising a new piece I try and approach it in very, very small chunks. Even if you commit 1 or 2 bars to memory per day, it'll be valuable, as you're adding whole new phrases to your drumming vocabulary. I'm a big advocate of the 'micro approach':