Photo by Dave Hodgkinson

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Moritz Mueller Solo Study

Here's a solo by Moritz Mueller, an upcoming drumming star from Germany. After finally getting my hands on Sibelius, I was able to transfer my original handwritten - and highly unintelligible - transcription into digital form. Getting to grips with this piece was a great tool for developing super quick 32nd note linear phrases between the hands and feet. It was also my first foray into quintuplet phrasing. In the video below I play the solo verbatim until 1:20 when it moves into improv. 


  1. - I'm south korean, so need your understanding the errors in English..:) -

    I'm so appreciate with your transcription.

    I saw the original vid few years ago and just let it go meaninglessly because I didn't have any more interest.

    But after years, now, I can find something very nice ideas in that solo play.

    Thanks Sam. I'm gonna practice that with your score and I will transcript more after 1:20 if I can.

    In the original vid, you scripted about to 0:56, and I want to know until 2:04.

    especially's too hard to figure out how he played. If u got something in that part, plz let me know.

    And I translated one of your article 'The Art of Listening' to my language, and posted it on biggest online drum community in Korea 'Dr.Drum'.

    many people love that. If you don't mind, I will translate more other article and post it on that community too. give me a reply plz :). Thanks for your effort again.

  2. Hi Sung-Bong Park and thanks for getting in touch! By all means go ahead and translate my articles. They're free so I hope as many people can read them as possible. I'm glad you're finding the Moritz Mueller piece helpful. I spent a long time working through it and find I still use phrases from the solo today. Let me know if you want me to write about anything on the blog in particular and i'll give it a go!