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Sunday, 17 March 2013

More 5/4 Foot Ostinato's

As part of an ongoing mission to develop my playing in 5/4, i've found a handy tip is to divide the bar into 2 parts; one consisting of 3 beats and the other of 2. Counting the bar aloud as two separate meters - either 1,2,3,1,2 or 1,2,1,2,3 can give you access to your normal 3/4 and 4/4 vocabulary even when you're technically playing in odd time. Because 5/4 really only has two ways of being divided, it's important to try and get comfortable in both configurations. Last week's Stick Control exercise contained a foot ostinato using the 3-2 bar division. Here's the same exercise with the feet playing a 2-3 division. Count 1,2,1,2,3 along while you're playing. Next time in this ongoing series of 5/4 exercises we'll start working through some jazz ostinatos divided into both 3-2 and 2-3 divisions. 

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