Photo by Dave Hodgkinson

Thursday, 28 February 2013

'Stick Control' Single Stroke Roll Exercise

Here's an exercise that's been part of my practice regime for the last year or so. I came up with this after misreading a singles exercise in The Drummer's Complete Vocabulary. You play exercise 1, on page 5 of G.L. Stone's Stick Control followed by 2 bars of 16th note hand-to-hand singles. Now repeat the process starting with exercise 2. Play the whole of page 1 start to finish this way. Start at around 180bpm and gradually build the speed up to 230bpm or higher. I've also added a Tumbao pattern for the feet.

Over the weeks and months you should start to see real improvement in the speed and control of your singles. Next time we'll explore how we can use a variation on this exercise to help develop our co-ordination in 5/4. Below is the first column of page 5 with the single strokes added to each line.