Photo by Dave Hodgkinson

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Stanton Moore Solo Study

Artist: Stanton Moore
Track: Big 'Uns Get The Ball Rolling
Album: III

Today's study turns the focus onto a personal drumming hero of mine, Stanton Moore. I've put many long hours in with his 2 instructional books; Groove Alchemy and Take It To The Streets as well as transcribing grooves and solos from his solo albums.

This track, curiously titled 'Big 'Uns Get the Ball Rolling', is a great example of using a groove as the basis for your solo. There are some flashy moments but the emphasis never strays far from good old fashioned groove based playing. He spends a large portion of the solo on the three main voices for any groove drummer: Kick, Snare and Hi-Hats. As always, start slowly and be aware of the push on the 'and' of 1 on every-other bar. For further listening try anything by the Meters and their irrepressible groove king Zigaboo Modeliste. Below is the transcription as well as my attempt from a few years ago.