Photo by Dave Hodgkinson

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bill Stewart Solo Study no. 2

Artist: Scott Colley 
Track: Airegin
Album: This Place

For my first ever solo study on this blog I wrote about the importance of addressing your weaknesses. If you consider playing in 5/4 an area in need of development, try working through the solo below. By learning the material inside-out you may find you start to gain a grasp on a time signature that can often seem baffling. 

Listen to the tune here

The solo starts at 0:28

  • The tune has an 18 bar ABAC structure (A = 4bars B = 6bars C = 4bars). Listen to recordings by Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis and memorise the tune.
  • As always Stewart is taking inspiration from the melody of the tune. Sing the head as you listen through and notice how and when he's using the melody for inspiration.
  • Listen to how he plays groups of 2 that go over the bar line (from bar 8) 
  • Notice how Stewart often avoids accenting beat 1 to create rhythmic ambiguity (a difficult skill to master in unfamiliar time signatures).