Photo by Dave Hodgkinson

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Alan Dawson's Rudimental Ritual in 5/4

As part of a personal mission to spend as much time as possible focusing on my weaknesses, my recent practice and transcription sessions have been focused on working in 5/4. My first proper experience with this time signature was when I worked through this great solo by Bill Stewart. Since then I've been eager to free up as many of my drumming facilities as possible in this new time signature. After working through an exercise by my fellow drum blogger The Melodic Drummer, I came up with the idea to transcribe and learn by heart The Rudimental Ritual by Alan Dawson in 5/4. I'll post each section of The Ritual as I work through it. Here are the first 25 'American' rudiments.

N.B: Regular visitors to these pages will be aware of the sheer extent of my obsession with The Ritual. Having spent so long with the original exercise, i've been keen to come up with variations, one of which was the idea of shuffling its order. You simply type in the full list of rudiments into a randomizer, then perform this new jumbled list start to finish to a click. This will help improve your ability to recall rudiments at-will which can be helpful in an improvised solo situation.