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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The New Rudimental Handbook - Part 1

Having spent many months working through the The Rudimental Ritual i've been inspired to compile my own collection that I hope will become a new glossary for the modern rudimental drummer. The goal for the 'New Rudimental Handbook' (NRH) is to create a brand new set of rudiments that will help develop and expand the vocabulary of budding drummers everywhere. Incase you're not familiar with the original Ritual, the list is here. This will be a collaborative effort so if any players out there have suggestions for additions to the New Handbook please email me at  

How It Works

As the Rudimental Ritual is divded into 4 sections (American, Swiss, New Innovations & Chopsbuilders) so too the 'New Rudimental Handbook' will have four categories:

1. Progressive Rudiments (rudiments from the modern era)

2. British Rudiments (spawning from the tradition of great Swiss and American military rudiments is this collection of contributions by the British contingent) 

3. Hybrid Rudiments (amalgamations of 2 or more classic rudiments)

4. Killer Rudiments (using Dawson's 'Chopsbuilders' as inspiration, 'Killer Rudiments' are phrases aimed at pushing a drummer to his/her technical limits) 

So here is a humble attempt - along with the help of my fellow drummers - at continuing the legacy of one of our great musical educators. After 3 or 4 instalments i'll make a master list available on this blog. The first instalment is a collection of 5 hybrid rudiments that are to be practiced over a left foot Samba ostinato. I look forward to receiving your contributions!

In honour of the great Alan Dawson